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DUI, Automobile Citation & Speeding Ticket Attorneys


At Wood & Rabil, LLP, we are dedicated to navigating through DUI Arrests, Automobile Injuries & Speeding Tickets for our clients. We want to get you the most compensation you are entitled to.

Our Areas of Specialty Include the Following:

  • Traffic Incidents
  • Automobile Injuries
  • DUI
  • Underage Drinking
  • Speeding Tickets

We will get to the source of the issue, and make sure that all parties are held accountable, no matter who is responsible. We will make sure you get a fair trial. The attorneys at Wood & Rabil, LLP are committed to providing representation and smart legal advice by putting you first.


For 18 years, Wood & Rabil, LLP has provided impartial litigation and specialized services. Our long-standing position in the community allows us to build relationships with individuals and partnerships with local businesses. In your very own neighborhood, you have a highly qualified law office. Why look any further than us?


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